Forward Air Offers the Best Driving Jobs. Here’s Why!

Posted on: January 15th, 2019 11:23 am

Forward Air offers some of the best driving jobs in the industry—and our drivers must agree, because our turnover rate is 55.3 percent lower than the industry average! How do we go about offering the best driving jobs?

LTL Driving Jobs

Our over-the-road, terminal to terminal expedited truckload (LTL) driving jobs are some of the best in the business. Running for Forward Air’s LTL division you can expect drop & hook freight running to and from Forward Air terminal to terminal with little to no waiting periods. With lightweight freight, you can reduce the wear and tear on your truck.

Our closed terminal network is another reason why Forward Air has the best driving jobs in the industry. Our network provides top miles at a rate of consistency you will not find elsewhere in the industry. Additionally, dependable weekly home time is a standard benefit for our drivers while also earning revenue on all miles (loaded and empty). By joining Forward Air, you’re taking one of the best driving jobs in the industry.

TLS Driving Jobs

Forward Air, in offering some of the best over-the-road truckload driving jobs, proudly offers a Dedicated Premium Truck Load Services division. This division offers a unique over-the-road experience to drivers wanting to become a solo or team owner operator or company driver. This experience combines compelling per-mile compensation, some of the best weekly miles, and other dedicated opportunities.

Forward Air believes that offering the best driving jobs means improving the quality of life for our drivers. This entails competitive per-mile rates, accessorial pay, and weekly home time options. If any of this sounds appealing, contact us today!


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