Just Announced: Largest Rate Increase in Forward Air History

Posted on: March 26th, 2021 7:30 am

Forward Air drivers are more than numbers. Success is a team effort, and without our Independent Contracts, Fleet Owners, and Fleet Drivers, it would not be possible. Since 1990, Forward has provided the most consistent over-the-road program in the industry. Over the years, Forward has shown tremendous growth. Not only are we growing internally, but we are also invested in growing your business with us by continuing to attract and retain the best in the industry. As a result of this growth, today we come together to celebrate something huge for Forward, its partners, and the trucking industry.

We are proud to announce that a per-mile rate increase has been approved, marking the fourth rate increase in the last four years. This is also the LARGEST cent-per-mile increase Forward has EVER done, and we are thrilled to share this milestone with our drivers – past, present, and future!

With over 90 terminals across the United States, our drivers are able to run coast to coast with our lightly loaded trailers and turn their trucks into revenue-generating machines. In our new rate program, our solo owner operators average in excess of $207,000 annually, and our team owner operators average in excess of $483,000. Life really can be a highway when you drive Forward.

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