8 Essential Truck Driver Gadgets & Accessories

Posted on: July 9th, 2020 4:00 pm

Being on the road for hours at a time requires dedication and preparation. Aside from

mapping out rest stops and other navigational prep, it’s crucial to have all the resources you could possibly need when driving long distances. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 8 personal truck driver gadgets and accessories that are essential for any route.

1. Portable Charger

Having your phone charged in case of emergency is always important. Though drivers shouldn’t be on their phone while behind the wheel, if an emergency like a flat tire causes you to stop, a phone is a necessary form of communication. Having a portable charger as a backup will ensure you don’t get stuck in a dangerous situation without a way to call for help.

2. Bluetooth Headset

Reaching for your phone while driving is a safety concern for you and other drivers on the road. Being able to easily access phone calls with the touch of a button will help keep your eyes focused on what’s ahead of you. Limit distracted driving with a Bluetooth headset, which is on the FMCSA list of approved truck driver gadgets!

3. Seat Cushion

Truck drivers often suffer from aches and pains due to long periods of sitting. With a seat cushion, you can make your routes much more comfortable. Many brands make seat cushions specifically for truck drivers, so read the reviews to pick which is best for your needs!

4. Portable Coffee Maker

If you always seem to be desperate for a fresh cup of Joe, portable coffee makers are some of the best truck driver gadgets to have. Simply fill up your device with hot water and coffee grounds before you leave and you’ve got easy access to coffee anytime.

5. Tire Pressure Monitor

Get real-time pressure and temperature readings while you’re on the go to avoid flat tires and overheating on the road. You won’t have to second guess how your truck is driving with the accuracy of a monitor, especially when driving on poorly-kept roads.

6. Flashlight

Driving at night presents its difficulties, especially if you have to pull off to the shoulder for any number of reasons. A flashlight will help you find the problem quickly and safely and is one of the most crucial truck driver gadgets to have. If yours is battery operated, always have an extra set of batteries on hand!

7. Portable Fridge

Eating out can really empty your wallet, and having a portable fridge allows you to bring groceries, eat healthy, and save money while on your route. Semi-truck refrigerators are built specifically to be stored in compact spaces and some even have freezers included!

8. Smartphone Mount

In addition to a Bluetooth headset, a smartphone mount can help eliminate distracted driving by keeping your phone more accessible. This does not encourage texting; rather, it allows drivers to answer calls quicker to keep their eyes on the road as much as possible.

Stay safe and invest in these truck driver gadgets to make your routes a breeze!

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