CVSA Roadcheck 2020: What Drivers Need to Know

Posted on: June 8th, 2020 7:52 am

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) performs an International Roadcheck all across the country. We want you to be prepared for this inspection! See below for updated information on the dates of the CVSA Roadcheck 2020 and what to expect when it occurs.

Drive safe!

CVSA Roadcheck 2020 Postponed

The CVSA Roadcheck for 2020 was originally scheduled for May 5-7, which was moved up from early June in prior years with hopes of better weather. However, due to the COVID-19 public health and safety concerns, the CVSA Roadcheck 2020 has been postponed until later this year. While a later date has not yet been scheduled, when it is, it will be announced by the commercial motor vehicle enforcement community to the public.

Even though the CVSA Roadcheck 2020 has been postponed, the daily roadside safety inspections will continue as usual. The CVSA conducts Traffic enforcement measures every day with enforcement personnel taking appropriate health and safety precautions. In addition, the Operation Safe Drive Week (July 12-18) and Brake Safety Week (Aug. 23-29) events are still scheduled as planned.

What Is the CVSA Roadcheck?

While daily roadside safety inspections are happening every day, the CVSA Roadcheck 2020 is a highly visible event to remind drivers of the importance of commercial motor vehicle safety. Each year, the CVSA emphasizes a different aspect of violations. The emphasis for 2020 is the driver requirements category of the roadside inspection. With almost 100,000 driver violations discovered during inspections in 2019, this year’s emphasis is the perfect opportunity to revisit driver requirements.

Details of the CVSA Roadcheck 2020

During the CVSA Roadcheck 2020, inspectors will mainly perform the North American Standard Level I Inspection, a 37-step detailed procedure that focuses on driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. Depending on the situation, inspectors may extend their inspection to other categories or other levels of review.

At the beginning of the inspection, the inspector will greet the driver and walk them through what will happen. The inspector will collect and verify all of the driver’s required documents, including the driver’s license, commercial license, duty status, and inspection reports. The inspector may also check the driver’s Medical Examiner’s Certificate, Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate, and daily vehicle inspection report. The driver themselves will be evaluated for seat belt use, illness, fatigue, and any alcohol or drug possession or impairment.

The vehicle inspection will include an in-depth examination of critical vehicle items such as brake systems, lighting devices, and more. If the driver and vehicle pass the check, they will receive a CVSA decal to be applied to the vehicle. If, for any reason, the driver or vehicle does not pass a part of the inspection, the inspector may render the driver or vehicle as out of service until the issue can be addressed and fixed.

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